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Monday, August 10

Castle Ambrose: Part 18 – The Inn of Bonne Jouissance

Thanks to Sebastian’s spell, he seemed entirely normal to the locals at the nearby inn. He looked like his old self, when they had first met him, sans wings. The other guests, a couple of traveling mercers, a notary, and two soldiers, acknowledged their presence with all due civility. Beldin, on the other hand, drew rude stares.

Vlad cleared his throat. “I’d like to introduce Beldin Soulforge, the key attraction to our traveling circus!”

There was a collective sigh of relief. Some patrons came closer.

Beldin glared at Vlad. “Am I some kind of circus freak now?”

Vlad chuckled nervously. “Of course! Why else would we be in a crowded inn where nobody knows us?”

“What does he do?” asked one local.

“He tosses men, of course!” Vlad said theatrically.

Beldin cracked his knuckles. “Want a demonstration?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:21 PM

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