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Thursday, August 13

Castle Ambrose: Part 19b – The Enchanted Sword of Sylaire

Sephora gave them careful instructions that would enable to find the werewolf's den without delay. It was easy to locate the den, for well-used paths ran toward it with little deviation. The place was the mounded remnant of a tower that had crumbled down into grassy earth and mossy blocks. The entrance had once been a lofty doorway: now it was only a hole, such as a large animal would make in leaving and returning to its burrow.

Light poured through several apertures, latticed with wandering tree-roots, where the mound had fallen in. The place was a cavern rather than a room. It stank with carrion remnants. The ground was littered with bones, broken stems and leaves of plants, and shattered or rusted vessels of alchemic use. A verdigris-eaten kettle hung from a tripod above ashes and ends of charred faggots. Rain-sodden grimoires lay moldering in rusty metal covers. The three-legged ruin of a table was propped against the wall. In one corner was a litter of dead grass. The strong, rank odor of a wild beast mingled with the carrion stench.

Beldin and Vlad entered. Sebastian launched himself into the yawning cavern’s heights.

A billowing cloud of mist engulfed them.

“Magic!” snarled Vlad. [MORE]


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