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Friday, August 14

Castle Ambrose: Part 20 – The Potion of Time Travel

Sebastian’s negotiating skill and disguise eventually enabled them to find a black market contact in Alar. They were to meet the contact behind an alley, a seller of potions who was willing to risk the Inquisition for a gold piece.

Beldin and Vlad flanked Sebastian as they stood over a barrel with an open flame. It was the only light source nearby, illuminating Sebastian’s sharp features as he waited.

A cloaked figure slid out of the darkness. “I am here.”

Sebastian looked around. “No guards? Security seems very tight in Alar.”

“The Immemorial City has suffered much as of late,” whispered the contact. “A curse is raging that animates the dead. It’s worse in Hastur,” his white smile indicated that he very much enjoyed that fact. “Thanks to the Inquisition, we have put a stop to such animations.”

“Yes, about that. I trust this place is safe for our…particular form of trade.”

“It is,” said the man. “You listed a variety of potions. I have them all. You have the gold?”

“I do.” Sebastian nodded to Beldin, who thrust a bag full of doubloons and imperials at the man.

The contact exchanged a bag with Beldin. It clinked with the sound of potion vials within. “Healing, strength of a bull, and more. It’s all there.”

Beldin handed the bag back to Sebastian. He rifled through its contents. “The potion of time travel is missing.”

The man smiled. “I saved the best for last. Tell me, Stranger. Do you know the sentence for those who practice arcane magicks?”

Sebastian took a step back. “I do.”

Beldin and Vlad raised their weapons. [MORE]


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