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Saturday, August 15

Castle Ambrose: Part 21 – The Ring of Eibon

To Sebastian there came privily the marshal of Alar, together with the abbot Theophile, whose worn features and bowed form displayed the ravages of mortal sorrow and horror and humiliation. And the two, albeit with palpable hesitancy, asked Sebastian advice and assistance in the laying of the beast.

"You, Phantom," said the marshal, "are reputed to know the arcanic arts of sorcery, and the spells which summon and dismiss demons. Therefore, in dealing with this devil, it may be that you shall succeed where all others have failed. Not willingly do we employ you in the matter, since it is not seemly for the church and the law to ally themselves with wizardry. But the need is desperate, lest the demon should take other victims. In return for your aid we can promise you the Ring of Eibon that you seek. The Bishop of Alar, and the Archbishop of Hastur, are privy to this offer, which must be kept secret."

"That will suffice," replied Sebastian, "if it be in my power to rid Yhtill of this scourge. But you have set me a difficult task, and one that is haply attended by strange perils." [MORE]


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