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Sunday, August 16

Castle Ambrose: Part 23 – The First Guardian

Sebastian touched the Ring of Eibon to the viper’s tail on the mirror frame. The serpent uncoiled enough for the ring to slide over the tail. The ring then slowly moved up the viper’s body until it circled the head like a collar. The viper’s tail was once again gripped its mouth.

Vlad anointed the Enchanted Sword of Sylaire with the potion of time travel. The blade glowed bright gold. Then he touched it to the mirror.

There was a high-pitched humming. The mirror, ring and sword shattered into thousands of shards.

The healing amber haze surrounded them once more. The world of Carcosa faded away and they found themselves on a seemingly endless plain. A massive, square, fifty-foot tall tomb made of amber colored marble stood before them.

Carved over the entrance was the name “Aldones Stephen Ambrose.” On the door was painted the Ambrose family crest; A black shield with a gold phoenix. An amber crown was painted above the crest.

“This is it,” said Sebastian. “This is his tomb.”

Fortified by every potion, protective spell, and wand Sebastian had in his possession, he looked over his shoulder at the two warriors. “Ready?”

“Ready,” said Beldin, hefting Windcutter.

“Ready,” said Vlad, wielding Grungronazharr.

Sebastian threw open the doors. To his horror, sleeping on a pile of coins was a dragon with black scales. [MORE]


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