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Friday, August 21

Castle Ambrose: Part 25 – Earth and The Third Guardian

“Down!” shouted Vlad.

Foot-long spikes jutted through his shield. A man-faced lion with bat wings and a spiked tail paced before them.

“Manticore,” said Sebastian.

“Now you tell us,” said Beldin. A spike protruded from his shoulder.

With a roar, the manticore batted Beldin’s shield aside, forcing the dwarf to backpedal. Sebastian drove it back with a blast of fire from his hands.

Vlad threw his shield down, useless with all the spikes protruding from it, and wielded Grungronazharr with both hands. “Come on then!”

The manticore hesitated. Then it bounded forward, wings spread wide.

Vlad slid under its paws as it passed, thrusting his blade upwards. The manticore’s forward motion eviscerated it. It landed, all too human-like face twisted in agony before Sebastian.

Beldin yanked the spike out of his shoulder and opened the door to the right.

“Great,” said Vlad.

The hallway was filled with mud. [MORE]


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