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Tuesday, August 25

Chapter 57: Gangs of Freeport - Introduction

This scenario is from the Freeport adventure “Gangs of Freeport” by Ari Marmell, adapted to the Arcanis setting. You can read more about Arcanis at http://www.onaraonline.org. Please note: This adventure contains spoilers!

Our cast of characters includes:

Some days, no matter how much I try to plan, things go awry. Whenever we don’t have enough players for the D&D game, my plan was to start up a D20 Modern game, which has a larger pool of players. But of course, those folks weren’t available either. So I figured I’d play D&D with the two fighters of our group.

Except that Beldin’s player didn’t show up either. That left Vlad.

Vlad’s something of an everyman hero, and his player Matt is an old school gamer. He likes to kill things and take their stuff. And yet, Vlad is often underestimated because he’s “just a fighter.” Vlad’s much more than that, and Matt demonstrates in this solo adventure that he can more than handle himself.

I pulled few punches. The bad guys play to win, but they play smart, and in a few cases some unexpected things happen. I also applied rules I don’t always remember to use to the bad guys—the lack of Precise Shot when a spell caster attacks with a ray, for example. That kept things in Vlad’s favor.

Ultimately, we both had a great time, and stalled long enough (the adventure took about five hours) until the other players could show up for the next adventure. [MORE]


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