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Sunday, August 9

Evil Stars: Conclusion

Hammer, Archive, and Jim-Bean were already in their rental car, far away from the chaos that was Hughes Auditorium. For once, Archive was driving.

“This is Hammer, call in a STREETSWEEPER team at my coordinates…”

Jim-Bean tapped him on the shoulder. “Look.” He held up his cistron.

“This is Nina Juarez and I’m live at Hughes Auditorium in Jacksonville, Georgia. God’s Lost Children has played their last song. It appears that Brianne Lochnar, in an attempt to one-up herself from the previous violent concerts, rigged the stage with tear gas to incite the crowd to riot. As you can see behind me, the stage caught fire. There are unconfirmed reports of Brianne playing right up until the stage collapsed, but we’ll have to get a look at the tapes…”

Jim-Bean grinned and tapped a compact disc on the dash of the car.

Hammer turned back to his cistron. “Belay that order. STREETSWEEPER cancelled. Repeat, STREETSWEEPER cancelled.” He frowned over at Jim-Bean. “We got lucky.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:37 AM

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