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Friday, August 7

Evil Stars: Part 12 – The Show Must Go On

“Okay, everybody out!” shouted a burly-looking biker.

Nina Juarez was strong-armed out by a weasely-looking thug, who shoved her roughly out of the Green Room. Then they came for Archive and Hammer.

Archive put up both hands and whispered something. Smoke billowed up around them, filling the hallway.

“Fire!” shouted one of the bikers.

The security detail, holding onto its morale by a thread, broke at the news of the fire spreading from the stage. Of course, there was no fire, only Archive’s invocations.

Hammer ducked out of sight and ran towards the Lighting & Sound room door. It was locked.

Hammer pounded on it. “Jimmy, open it!”

A second later Jim-Bean unlocked the door. “How did you know I was in here?”

“Because it’s where I would have gone. Did you just kill everyone in the theater?”

Jim-Bean frowned. “No, that’s why I released the tear gas first.” On the monitors, the stage was a burning conflagration. Some of the crowd in the far back was still cheering, unaware that the entire band had been massacred.

“You just murdered three people in cold blood.”

“Four. And they were about to finish the chant,” said Jim-Bean. “And consecrate the mounds…”

“We don’t even know what Lochnar's ritual does! You caused a panic—people are going to hurt, even die, as a result of your actions.”

Jim-Bean shushed him. “Hear that?”

The cameras were still rolling. The screen showed movement in the burning remains of the stage. Rising out of the wreckage, Brianne Lochnar stepped out of the debris, unharmed.

“Son of a bitch!” swore Hammer. [MORE]


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