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Saturday, August 1

Evil Stars: Part 6 – Hasta la Vista

There was the sound of wrenching metal.

“Hammer?” asked Jim-Bean. “Come back.”

Archive and Jim-Bean exchanged a worried glance.

“What?” asked Star. “What?!”

“Hammer’s not answering his comm.” Jim-Bean loaded a pistol. “Stay close to me.”

Archive drew his Glock and followed a worried Star out the door to the main chamber.

The double doors had been torn off their hinges with incredible force. The proof of impact was evident in Hammer, who lay underneath one of the doors, unconscious. Another door across the way had been struck so hard that it was nearly folded in half.

“The armory,” said Archive. “He’s going to get his weapons.”

“Maybe. I don’t plan to stick around to find out. Grab Hammer.”

Archive dragged Hammer out from underneath the door and onto the elevator in the center of the room, onto the elevator platform. Jim-Bean and Star joined him. He punched the red button labeled UP.

Jim-Bean rifled through his bag.

“What are you doing?” asked Star.

“Leaving a parting gift,” said Jim-Bean. He pulled out a few blocks of C4, with detonators attached. “Courtesy of the armory Billy is raiding.”

Just before the elevated platform cleared the ceiling of the entrance, Jim-Bean rolled the C4 through the opening. [MORE]


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