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Monday, August 3

Evil Stars: Part 7 – The Thing from the Video

“I know how to take care of biker gangs,” said Archive. He whispered something and concentrated.

Billy’s bike suddenly sparked, flames licking from the sides of the engine. He lost control, swerving the bike too quickly. It flipped sideways, hurtling Billy to the ground.

He hit the pavement hard, tumbling, rolling, sliding with a chattering screech as flesh stripped away. He hit the guardrail, bounced up, tumbled along the top and then pitched out into space. Billy smashed to the pavement in the middle lane and lay there, face-down. Still.

“Got hi—“ was all Hammer got out. Jim-Bean wasn’t paying attention to the road. He swerved, striking the guardrail as the two lanes suddenly diverged.

The car screeched, one wheel wobbling. Jim-Bean struggled to regain control of the vehicle.

“Stupid rental piece of CRAP,” he snarled. The car began to slow down, the transmission wrecked.

“Guys…” said Star. “I think Billy’s…I think he’s getting up.”

Billy slowly rolled over and sat up. He was a mass of blood, clothing and skin in tatters. Headlights flared behind him and an air horn blared.

A double-trailer Kenworth gasoline tanker smashed him down and under with a crash. Billy rolled, clattering, and the mass blurred above him. He ricocheted between the pavement and the speeding undercarriage until a stray bounce flung him up into the rear suspension. The stunned driver hit the brakes. The air brakes howled.

“Is he dead?” asked Star. “He’s got to be dead…”

“Don’t be so sure,” said Jim-Bean. “I’ve seen a lot of crazy s*&t in my day…”

The body of the driver was tossed out of the side of the tanker, rolling.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Hammer. [MORE]


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