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Tuesday, August 4

Evil Stars: Part 8 – Between a Place and a Hard Rock

Jim-Bean grabbed one of the blue polo-shirted employees fleeing from the store as the THING that was Billy strode towards them, fanged maw chattering madly. The employee’s badge read: HI THERE, I’M BOBBY!

“You, Bobby!” shouted Jim-Bean. “You know how to work a computer?”

Bobby swallowed. “Uh…yes sir?”

Jim-Bean waved his badge at the teenager. “I’m a federal agent and I need your help, right now!”

The word “now” was drowned out by the smash of Billy striding right through the glass doors, its spiked fists easily shattering the glass.

“Go to the back office,” commanded Jim-Bean. He shoved Star after Bobby. “Both of you.”

Hammer and Archive engaged the thing as Bobby ran to the back office. Jim-Bean jogged over to the music aisle and flipped through the “G” section of the CDs.

After a few seconds and more screams from the fleeing patrons, Jim-Bean found the most recent God’s Lost Children album. He ran over to the back office.

Jim-Bean handed the CD to Bobby. “I need you to play this backwards over the audio system.”

“W-what?” stuttered Bobby, who was torn between staring at the faceless thing swinging clumsily at Hammer and the pistol dangling from Jim-Bean’s shoulder holster. “That’s not simple.”

Jim-Bean drew his pistol. “Then you’d better get working on it now, huh?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:09 AM

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