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Wednesday, August 5

Evil Stars: Part 9 – Hard Court Press

Five hours in the hospital and a bumpy SPIDER flight later, Archive and Hammer limped in behind Jim-Bean to the Hughes Auditorium in Jacksonville.

A security guard directed them to the administration office. Seated behind the desk was a burly, florid redhead. He wore neat and expensive slacks, shirt, and shoes, and an ultra-expensive Italian leather jacket, but somehow the clothes were wrong on him – jeans, t-shirt, and a can of beer seemed more appropriate. A title card on his desk labeled him as Barry Watson.

“Look,” Barry said without looking up from what he was doing, “I really don’t have time for—“

“We’re journalists,” said Jim-Bean.

“Yeah, sure.” Barry didn’t look up. “You don’t look like journalists. We don’t need more reporters from GNN…”

Jim-Bean slammed both palms down on Barry’s desk. “Yeah,” he said forcefully, “GNN.”

Barry finally looked up. When he met Jim-Bean’s gaze, his aggravated expression changed to complacence. He pressed a button on his phone.


“Yes sir?”

“There are three reporters here. Give ‘em a press pack.”

“But sir, the band is playing right now.”

Barry looked uncertainly at Jim-Bean, as if for approval. Jim-Bean nodded encouragingly.

“Right now.”

“Right away sir.” [MORE]


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