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Thursday, August 27

Future/Perfect: Conclusion

"Jimmy…" began Hammer. But Jim-Bean already knew what to do.

"Set them on fire!" ordered Jim-Bean.

The cultists set up a huge bonfire and tossed the oddly fluid, red-scaled bodies into the flames. Of the nearly seventy cultists that were engaged in the conflict, only twenty or so remained.

"There's still the cultist bodies," said Hammer.

Jim-Bean nodded. "Set it all on fire!"

The real Moreno and his men arrived, but by then the evidence was already burning. Fire trucks roared in the distance.

"What exactly happened here?" asked Moreno angrily.

"Civil war in the cult," said Jim-Bean. "Two different sides got into a conflict, it spread, then a fire started."

Moreno bit his lip, frustrated. "That's very convenient. You know what I think?"

Hammer looked at him. "I didn't ask."

"Yeah? Well I'm gonna tell you. I think that this was a lot more like Waco then you let on."

Hammer smirked. "You have no idea." [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:38 AM

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