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Wednesday, August 26

Future/Perfect: Part 10 – Snakes in the Grass

Jim-Bean ran to and fro, trying to calm the cultists down.

"Everyone, everyone, this isn't necessary! We don't know what they want! Everyone calm down!"

Ignis agreed with him. "We must not fire first!" he shouted repeatedly. "I will speak with them! Be calm!"

The jittery cultists, who were unaccustomed to armed conflict despite their training, took their positions. The six officers stood calmly in the clearing in front of the farmhouse.

Ignis checked his pistol and made sure it was loaded. Then he approached with six similarly armed men. Jim-Bean watched from a distance.

"Hello!" Ignis squinted in the glare of the spotlights. "Sergeant Moreno, is that you? What brings you to our farm?"

Moreno said nothing. He just slowly turned his head to stare directly at Ignis. Then he lifted the bulk in one hand and dropped it.

It was the guard at the gate.

"What…" Ignis swallowed, horrified. "What did you do to him?"

Moreno was stone-faced. As one, all six of the police officers pointed at the six cultists.

Ignis' arm was up, his pistol drawn.

"Wait!" shouted Jim-Bean, "don't shoot!"

But the envoy of six cultists had all drawn their pistols. They pointed it at their own foreheads. [MORE]


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