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Wednesday, August 19

Future/Perfect: Part 5 – The Wrong Guy

Hammer was on his way out of the Elberton general store, when his attention swung to a sudden movement a hundred feel down a dark alley. A dim light glowed weakly from beyond a dumpster, then extinguished as a car door slammed, and then a dark figure dashed away down the alley. Behind the figure, a car horn began to blow unceasingly.

Hammer threw his bags in the trunk of the rental car and approached the blaring auto. It was an idling Elberton taxicab with the body of its driver, horribly mutilated, rammed against the steering wheel. The man's throat was slashed open, his vocal cords exposed. His ribs were broken and bent back. Most of his internal organs lay in a steaming heap beneath the steering wheel.

Hammer backed away. The police would be there soon enough, and this wasn't his business – not yet, anyway.

He got in his car and drove off, circling the area as police vehicles shrieked onto the scene. His cistron buzzed with an alert.

"…police are looking for an African-American man of medium height and build, wearing an overcoat, who fled the scene."

Hammer swore and turned the car around. He pulled up a moment later in front of the Elberton police station.

As he walked his way up the steps to the main office, there were collective gasps.

Officers fumbled for their pistols. "Get down on the ground! Now!" [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:34 AM

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