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Monday, August 24

Future/Perfect: Part 8 – Mister Cab Driver

The Elberton Cab Company was a taxi service located in the downtown area of Elberton. A few questions uncovered that Al Wu was the dispatcher when Ken Stewart was murdered.

Of average height and in his mid-thirties, Wu was a fast-talking man.

"Mister Wu?" asked Hammer. "I'm Agent Grange. This is Sergeant Moreno."

"Yeah?" asked Wu, sizing them up.

"We're here to ask you a few questions about the recent death of Ken Stewart?"

Wu's eyes flicked to Moreno. "I already spoke to the police."

Hammer gave Moreno a look. "Why don't you go get a cup of coffee." It wasn't phrased as a question.

Moreno shrugged. "Fine, whatever." He walked off.

Hammer turned back to Wu. "Sorry about that. We're all very tense because of these murders. Do you mind if I chat with you for a second?"

Wu relaxed a bit. "They told me I was a witness and had to keep quiet," he muttered. "But talking to you should be okay, being a Fed and all. Come into my office."

Hammer and Wu sat at a beat-up card table. Wu lit his forty-third Camel cigarette of the day. [MORE]


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