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Tuesday, August 25

Future/Perfect: Part 9 – Raid!

Hammer put his recently purchased camping and surveillance equipment to good use. They had managed to set up a camouflaged bivouac near the pond. It was a perfect spot for surveillance of the farmhouse. It was perfect…

Except for the mosquitoes.

Archive slapped his neck. "These mosquitoes are driving me crazy," he whispered. At night, the bugs were even worse than during the day. Concealed as they were so close to the farm, they had to go without electrical lights.

Hammer lowered his night optics. "We'll be here for just another day or so. What have you discovered so far?"

"During the day only lone individuals are wander the grounds," said Archive. "At night, groups of followers walk back and forth between the main house and barn. Guards walk the perimeter at all times of the day and night."


Archive shook his head. "Nope, but they do carry a flare gun. My guess is they fire that off as a warning."

"Good." Hammer handed the night optics back to Archive. " Jim-Bean's not convinced that the cult has anything to do with these murders and I'm starting to believe—"

There was a splash of light, like lightning, in the distance. Jim-Bean and Archive looked up.

It was the flickering incandescence of a flare.

"Oh crap," said Archive. [MORE]


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