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Friday, August 28

Gangs of Freeport: Part 2 – Just One of the Gang

Vlad stood over the last corpse of the thugs who had ambushed him. He was about to return to the street to help his friends when he sensed a presence in the room.

Standing half-concealed in the shadows was a figure clad in ratty trousers and a worn cloak. His hood was pulled down low across his face.

“This is a surprise,” said a gravelly yet familiar voice. “Vlad Martell, if I recall correctly.”

Vlad didn’t sheathe his blade. “Finn?”

Finn removed the cloak, his puffy features marred by a shiner around his left eye. “Yes. These are strange times. That is why I have come to you. I need your help. Freeport needs your help.”

Vlad sheathed Grungronazharr. “I’d love to, but my friends are bleeding in the street.”

Finn smiled. “I like that about you Vlad. You care about people. That is why I have chosen you. Your friends will be taken care of. Take a look out the window.”

Vlad peered out the window the thug had been using to snipe at him. Sure enough, cloaked figures scuttled out to bind the wounds of his companions. A cart pulled up and they were placed in it.

“Where are you taking them?”

“Somewhere safe,” said Finn. “We’re running out of those sorts of places.”

“What happened to your eye?”

“I said these were strange times.” Finn gestured at another seat that Vlad had kicked over in the melee. “Please, have a seat.”

Vlad sat down. [MORE]


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