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Wednesday, August 26

Gangs of Freeport: Prologue

Sebastian, Beldin, and Vlad stood outside the vacant lot that had once been Cresh Manor. Stephen Aldones Ambrose was gone and with him, the King in Yellow. Behind them, Kham and Scarbelly’s crew were unconscious.

Vendors hawked their wares from street-side stalls while laborers lugged their burdens and barefoot children dashed around and between everyone’s legs, shrieking like tiny banshees. The sea air smelled of salt and old fish, and the lap of the tide against the docks—many blocks behind them—still reached their ears, the city’s constant heartbeat.

Sebastian turned to Vlad. “The ring you hold is very powerful. I can charge it for you, if you like.”

Vlad looked at his left ring finger, the same hand he used to hold his shield. “It’s a strange sensation, knowing how to cast spells all of a sudden.”

Sebastian grabbed hold of Vlad’s hand and concentrated. “There. In your darkest hour, call upon the power of the ring and it will help you.”

Vlad nodded. “Thanks.”

Sebastian didn’t smile. He merely nodded.

Beldin barreled past them, shoving Sebastian aside. “Get down!” [MORE]


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