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Saturday, August 29

Operation Bravo: Prologue

"What happened to Archive?" asked Jim-Bean.

Hammer shrugged. "Something about a medical check-up. Majestic's still cagey about him being in the field after the incident in Central Park."

"Yeah," Jim-Bean shook his head. "The incident. I haven't been to a check-up recently, wonder why they're not worried about me."

Hammer smirked. "That's because you're under my supervision."

Jim-Bean rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah, right. So we're in this buttcrack of a town because…"

"This is the place where Arthur Hunt's experiment blew up. If there's a legacy of the snake people we discovered in Elberton, it starts here, with the Hunt Electronics plant in Hellbend," said Hammer. "And two people were recently murdered here."

"In Hellbend? Doesn't that reduce the population by ten percent?"

Hammer nodded. "Nearly. It's all on your cistron: The first murder occurred on March 5, on the outskirts of the town. Clifford Potter, a 53 year-old white male, was found mutilated less than four hundred yards from the remains of the ruins of the old Hunt Electrodynamics plant. The county coroner from Independence, Abner White could not readily identify just how exactly he had died."

"Aliens," muttered Jim-Bean.

"You see aliens behind everything."

"It's hard not to when I'm part…something." [MORE]


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