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Tuesday, September 29

Fair Salvage: Conclusion

The crowd roared as the designated executioner wrapped the noose tightly around Bijoux’s neck. She was easy prey, muttering feverishly to herself, eyes rolling. They bound her hands and feet so that she couldn’t glide to safety. Then, with a mighty heave, they shoved her off the stone steps of one of the other towers.

There was a flash of black and the rope snapped. Bijoux was snatched out of the air by something moving fast.

Sebastian flew all the way to the beach before he let Bijoux go. He slashed open her bindings.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to her. “The card…the card forced me to do things…”

Bijoux didn’t seem to hear him. She wobbled steadily to her feet. “They’re calling me,” she whispered. “They’re trapped between worlds.”

“I killed so many.” Sebastian fell to his knees. “There were a dozen, I think, in Carcosa. They didn’t know what hit them.” He could still smell the stench of burning flesh. “The King in Yellow forced my hand…”

Vlad and Kham arrived a few minutes later, panting.

Vlad put his hands on his knees. “You have to leave. The mob is coming this way.”

Sure enough, the pool of angry fireflies that were the mob’s torches had transformed into a serpent of flame, winding its way through Freeport and towards the beach.

Kham stared out at the water. “Uh, guys…”

Vlad looked over at Kham. “What now?”

“The water out there…it doesn’t look right. It’s broken up somehow, like something…” more


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