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Friday, September 25

Fair Salvage: Part 1 – The Unfortunate Antiquarian

Falthar’s Curios was only fifteen feet wide, but it was a good fifty feet long. It almost seemed that the building was an afterthought, crammed between two existing structures with little regard for functionality. Falthar made it work though. The front room was normally stuffed with curiosities from floor to rafters.

Kham found the door unlocked, the shop’s contents scattered. The furniture was reduced to kindling.

“Falthar!” shouted Kham.

Falthar val’Abebi lay on the floor in several pieces, badly charred but still identifiable. It had not been disturbed. Given the recent corruption scandal sweeping Freeport, none of the Sea Lord’s Guard had yet arrived despite several citizens raising the hue and cry.

Kham leaned down to inspect the corpse. The damage suffered by the corpse was consistent with magic. And yet, there was none of the widespread fire damage that one would expect from something so powerful.

“Skiz, look around,” said Kham.

The talking rat hopped out of Kham’s haversack and climbed down his pant leg. He paused to sniff the corpse.

“That’s not dinner,” Kham said sternly.

Skiz shot Kham a hurt look. Then he resumed sniffing the rest of the room. more


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