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Sunday, September 27

Fair Salvage: Part 2 – The Collector

The brutal murder of Falthar cast a pall over the surrounding area. Some people were afraid to go out at night, while others formed themselves into vigilante groups and patrolled the streets in search of evildoers. There were several cases of mistaken identity that resulted in innocent people being stopped, beaten, and even lynched.

An almost palpable sense of dread hung over the neighborhood, but the rest of the city carried on its business as usual—a murder, however gruesome, was not a serious thing in Freeport, so long as it happened at a comfortable distance.

Sebastian joined Vlad and Kham in front of a two-story house on a leafy side street off Wave Avenue.

“Why have you summoned us here?” the dark-kin asked as he landed.

“Maybe you should stop flying around the city,” Kham said in irritation. “You could get lynched.”

Sebastian let a sly smile cross his lips. “They’ve already tried.”

It was understandable, said the Sea Lord’s Guard. Sebastian fit the description of the strange creatures seen roaming the city at night. They were never clearly seen and were described as nothing more than distorted shadows slipping in and out of the darkness. The stories told of glowing red eyes and tall, misshapen figures as thin as an elf but as tall as an ogre.

Vlad looked up at the house. “Where are we, anyway?”

“Aljandros Haddon’s house,” Kham said flatly.

“Aljandros too?” Vlad looked sideways at Kham. “Is there something you want to share with us?”

Kham shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I can’t help it if I know a lot of people.”

“A lot of dead people,” said Vlad. more


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