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Monday, September 28

Fair Salvage: Part 3 – Assault on the Towers

The most impressive part of the Old City’s defenses was the five arcane fire cannons atop each one of the walls’ towers.

“The massive brass and iron armaments were salvaged from a mysterious hulk, found beached on the windward side of A’Val after a savage storm.” Kham climbed the winding outer steps up one of the towers. “It was impossibly large by Freeport standards. Sea Lord Francisco paid an exorbitant amount of money to acquire what were at first regarded as expensive curiosities.”

“Have they ever been fired?” asked Vlad.

Kham nodded. “The next marauding fleet that cruised into Freeport Harbor bent on stemming the tide of piracy received a surprising reception. Once the fleet’s flagship was reduced to a floating bonfire by one shot from the top of the Freeport battlements, the rest of the invaders quickly moved on.”

Two guards stopped his ascent with large clubs. “Halt!” said one of the guards.

There was a shout beyond the guards.

Kham swigged a potion and disappeared. The guards blinked and looked around.

Sebastian snapped out his wings. The guards readied their polearms, only to have the dark-kin spiral up past them.

That left Vlad. He smiled. “Do you know who I am?” He flashed the Symbol of Drac. “I’m a good friend of the Commissioner.“

The guards looked at each other. Finally, with a unified shrug, they let him pass. more


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