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Thursday, September 24

Fair Salvage: Prologue

The Long Day’s Night eventually rescued Sebastian, Vlad, and the remaining crew of the Lady Quay. The breezed had stopped completely, so that the air hung hot and humid and utterly still. Ships had been becalmed, sometimes for weeks, with no sight of land or salvation, slowly depleting their supplies.

“Sorry boys,” said Captain Amos. “According to the charts you recovered from Marissa Lapideaux’s home, the time to open a portal to R’lyeh came and went.”

Sebastian turned the small sextant over in his hands. “Then all is lost.”

Amos clapped Sebastian on the back. “Oh, I’m sure something’ll turn up. If my boys heard right, you stopped the Unspeakable One and lived to tell about it. Opening a portal should be a piece of cake for the likes of you.”

Vlad rubbed his forehead. “If only it were that easy.”

Sebastian looked up. Something had caught his attention. “There.” He pointed. “What’s that?”

There was a glint on the water, not far off. Vlad peered over the deck at it.

“Well, I’ll be…” said Amos. He handed Vlad the spyglass. “See for yourself.”

Vlad looked through the scope. more


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