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Tuesday, September 1

Gangs of Freeport: Part 5 – That Sinking Feeling

Vlad followed Paulow for almost half an hour. They made their way southwest along the shoreline, leaving the bustle of Freeport behind. The thick jungle loomed nearby, casting dark shadows like fingers out onto the sands. Strange animals call from within the dark trees, as though disturbed that Vlad had the audacity to leave the city at all.

Finally, just as it was beginning to seem as though Paulow was leading him on a false trail, Vlad spotted it in the water some ways further down the shore.

It was a capsized vessel, partially sunken and resting in the shallow waters. Perhaps a bit less than one-half of the port side of the ship was visible above the waves. The deck faced the shore, the masts stabbing out as though desperately reaching for the land. A thin and rickety bridge, anchored to the ship and to the trees nearest the shore, provided the only visible means of access.

Paulow stumbled his way across the bridge. Vlad padded out onto the stands near the water.

The sand near the bridge was churned up and bedecked with tracks, both humanoid and wheeled. The place clearly saw substantial use. Several of the humanoid tracks were blatantly inhuman. In fact, though sized comparably to human feet, they were clawed, almost…

“Ssanu,” Vlad hissed beneath his breath. The Ghoul Juice epidemic was spreading to everyone. If the serpent people were involved, it meant the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign was involved. And that meant they had not been weakened after all their efforts. [MORE]


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