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Wednesday, September 2

Gangs of Freeport: Part 6 – Off Their Guard

Armed with Price’s patrol schedule, Vlad knew precisely where to meet him. He met him with a patrol of five guards.

“Price!” said Vlad with a smile. “It’s good to see you.”

Price paused and the Sea Lord’s Guard behind him stopped in place. “Well wot ‘ave we ‘ere? If it ain’t me old friend Vlad! Last I heard, you was drownin’ in th’ sea! Guess you turned up all right then, eh?”

Vlad stepped forward out of the darkness. “You have no idea. But we can catch up later, I’ve got something I need to show you.”

“Wot’s that?” Price’s eyebrows shot up. Vlad had forgotten how ugly the man was.

Vlad handed him the papers he found in Bailey’s ship. “I retrieved these papers from a drug dealer named Barnacle-Bottom Bailey. He’s been providing Ghoul Juice to the gangs; it’s how they’ve been avoiding the Sea Lord’s Guard.”

Price scanned the papers. His lips became a thin line. “’ave you told anyone else about dis?”

Vlad shook his head.

“Good. Ya did th’ right thing comin’ to me.” The guards fanned out around Vlad. “Unfortunately fer yew, that means we’re gonna have t’ silence ya right here. Get ‘im boys.”

It took a moment to register. “Price? You were working with Bailey all along?” [MORE]


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