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Thursday, September 3

Gangs of Freeport: Part 7 – The Reptile House

The house appeared to be like any other. It was solid, but every so slightly run down, as if its owners couldn’t quite afford upkeep along with all their other expenses. It stood two stories in height and its single chimney appeared unused. Every window was shuttered tight. Two doors appeared to grant ingress; one was at the front of the house, while the other door opened out into a small garden.

Price knocked on the door.

A slot opened. “Who is it?”

“It’s…me. I had a problem. I think this Vlad person is on to us.”

The slot closed. Then the door opened and a ssanu stood before him.

Price’s mouth opened and then snapped shut. He walked in.

The ssanu ushered Price over to a table. “So, tell me about this Vlad.”

Price squinted. “He handed me some papers he got from Barnacle-Bottom Bailey’s ship. When I tried to arrest him, he resisted. He tried to hand me over to the Sea Lord’s Guard, but I escaped.”

The ssanu cocked its head. “You don’t sound like Price.”

“And you don’t sound like a ssanu. Where’s your lisp?”

Price raised his hand and concentrated. The magic concealing the ssanu dissipated revealing a surprised human.

Vlad let his illusion drop, sword and shield were at the ready. He leaped onto the table and stabbed the man in the chest. Shrieking for help, the man fell to the ground. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:51 AM

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