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Friday, September 25

God Shall Tread: Conclusion

Jim-Bean awoke in a rubble field, under a red sky. Ssruthaa and Hammer were present and unharmed, though their clothing and hair appeared scorched, and they were lying amidst random debris from the gate.

The surrounding landscape was utterly desolate. The dark plain of cooled lava stretched to the horizon in every direction.

"Maybe I should have asked this question earlier," said Jim-Bean, dusting himself off as he rose to his feet. "But where did the gate lead us?"

"Millions of years in the past," said Ssruthaa. "Long before your race learned to crawl."

"Great," said Hammer, glaring at Ssruthaa. "And what are we supposed to do now?"

Ssruthaa shook his head violently, then his whole body shivered. The human form melted away, replaced by a distinctly serpentine shape. He pointed one long finger at a giant structure in the distance, silhouetted against the reddish sky. It was a strange and alien building, twisting like some behemoth serpent up into the sky almost two hundred feet.

Though the great structure appeared clearly, it was quite a long way away. It could take the better half of a day to reach the alien edifice.

"Ssstart walking," said Ssruthaa. more


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