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Thursday, September 17

God Shall Tread: Part 5 – Have You Seen My Red Stapler?

It was the last cell that gave him pause. It contained a bulbous, ten-foot tall shaggy crab/spider sealed in a large transparent specimen case. It had an almost globular torso, with six long, sinuous limbs terminating in crab-like claws. From the upper end a subsidiary globe bulged forward bubble-like; its triangle of three staring, fishy eyes, its foot-long and evidently flexible proboscis, and a distended lateral system analogous to gills, suggested that it is a head. Most of the body was covered what first appeared to be fur.

Jim-Bean shuddered. The thing didn't feel right. He kept on walking towards the freight elevators…

“Free me!”

Jim-Bean pulled up short. He looked around. No one had said anything. All the techs were busy passing in the hallway or focusing on their instruments in other rooms.

Jim-Bean reached out with his mind to Hammer. "Was that you?"


"Did you just ask me to free you?"

"I've been asking you to free me for the past ten minutes." more


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:30 AM

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