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Tuesday, September 22

Lady Quay: Conclusion

An explosion wracked the Lady Quay…then another and another in a chain of designed destruction. She had seen better days: she was a wrecked bulk of planks and torn sails, of rotten shrouds and sagging yardarms. Her keel was irreparably split, her rudder nothing but a splintered stub. Fetid seaweed clung to her warped bulkheads like rotting flesh.

“What the hell happened?” asked Vlad in horror.

The hull of the Lady Quay ruptured, cracked open like an arid desert; the aft section burst and trembled. Slowly, it began to sink in flames, plunging to her death.

Sebastian watched dispassionately.

The Lady Quay sank beneath the waves as the sun set. A few crewmen dove off the side, swimming their way to shore.

The survivors of the Lady Quay, temporarily safe, watched in awe and grief as their only way home died in the ominous Pale Sea beyond. Captain Miro watched with hollowed eyes.

“My god, Rekello,” she whispered. “What have I done?”

“What you had to do,” said Rekello. “What you always do. Turned death into a fighting chance to live.” He looked concerned over at his captain. “You hear me, Winnifer?”

Captain Miro took a deep breath and nodded her understanding to Rekello.

“Mind explaining it to the rest of us?” asked Kham.

Rekello shot Miro a glance. She nodded at him. “It doesn’t matter now.” more


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