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Saturday, September 12

Lady Quay: Part 4 – Aegis Isle

Eventually, the Lady Quay weighed anchor in one of the lagoons at Aegis Isle. The island was very small, less than five miles across, but abundant in jungle flora. The Lady Quay moored several hundred yards off the dangerous reefs surrounding the island. Rekello saw that the pearl-laden crates from the lower hold were put into a dinghy.

“Nothing lives here,” said Captain Miro, “except the yurians.”

“Yurians?” asked Vlad.

“Crabmen,” said Kham. “They use Aegis Isle as a mating and assembly ground.”

“Marissa Lapideaux also lives here,” said Rekello. “She’s a renowned sculptor that lives in a simple stone cottage in the center of the island.”

“Since when does she deal in healing draughts?” Kham blinked. “Last I heard, she was selling one of her life-sized statues. I think they called it the Spirit of Freeport.”

Lapideaux’s statue was of a pirate brandishing a cutlass in defiance of the world. It created quite a stir, such that the Captain’s Council bought it and placed it outside the Sea Lord’s palace.

Rekello and Captain Miro took the oars of the dinghy. “Follow in the second, just in case your sword arms and spells are needed along the way.”

Sebastian, Kham, and Vlad clambered into the other boat and followed them.

As they came closer to the island, what looked like bizarre coral reef were actually the waving eyestalks and claws of several yurians.

“This is unusual,” said Captain Miro. “They never meet us here. We usually drop off the pearls and there’s a crate of…herbs waiting for us.”

“Yeah, right,” said Kham. “Herbs.” more


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