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Tuesday, September 15

Lady Quay: Part 6 – Ruined Lab

The room was a chaotic mess of wrecked beakers and shards of glass, broken chemical gear and tattered books. Kham didn’t think the owner would mind a broken window.

Something hissed near the doorway on the opposite side of the room. A creature coalesced before his very eyes, serpentine in form. He thought at first it was a ssanu, but its feminine upper torso and forest of snakes for hair made him jerk his gaze away.

“Welcome to my home,” snarled a feminine voice. “So good to see you. Have you come for tea?”

Kham reacted quickly. He reached for his powderhorn and then threw it into the air between them.

“Sorry, I’ve got a date with the ladies!” Careful to avoid her gaze, he drew two pistols and fired.

The ensuing explosion blew him backwards. Kham twisted through the air, using the momentum to hurl himself out the window. At least, that was the plan. more


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