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Wednesday, September 16

Lady Quay: Part 7 – The Mistress' Lair

Vlad crawled his way out of the window. If Kham and Sebastian hadn’t distracted the snake-thing, she would have killed him.

Sebastian found him lying on the ground.

“What happened to you?”

“Snakes…drank…blood…” he was pale and shivering. “Caught me…by…surprise.”

Sebastian shook his head. “As I feared. This is no mere medusa.”

“Right, because she wasn’t bad enough as just a ‘regular’ medusa.” Kham rubbed his forehead. “This one sucks blood. Probably turns into a bat too.”

“Boss,” whispered Skiz from Kham’s haversack. “Boss!”

“Not now Skiz.”


“What is it Skiz?”

“She’s calling me.” The little rat was clearly freaked out. “I can hear her in my head. She’s calling me. She’s calling us.” more


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:59 AM

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