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Thursday, September 17

Lady Quay: Part 8 – The Hidden Vault

Kham padded down the hallway, peering around each corner before he did so. He waved the others on behind him.

He came to a door. Throwing caution to the wind, Kham opened it.

The small room was heaped with pillows of all shapes and sizes. Thick rugs covered most of the floor. A thin copper lever protruded from the northern wall. It smelled like reptile flesh.

There were sounds of combat in the hallway. Kham ignored them. He pulled the lever.

There was a grinding sound. A stone wall slid open near the lever.

Something shrieked in agony in response to whatever it was Sebastian and Vlad were doing.

The vault’s interior was totally dark and heaped with crates, five in all, each bearing a decrepit iron lock. They were quite large, almost too big to fit through the narrow doorway.

Vlad shouted an inquiry as to Kham’s whereabouts, littered with expletives. more


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