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Tuesday, September 8

Lady Quay: Prologue

Kham and Sebastian, stared skeptically across the table at Vlad. They were sequestered in a dark recess of the alehouse known as the Dead Reckoning.

“So we just do this one job and all is forgiven?” asked Kham in disbelief.

“That’s how the Commissioner put it to me,” said Vlad. “But we’re all in, since we broke the law, so to speak.”

“And they’re just going to let me walk…” Kham stared into his mug. He wasn’t sure how he felt about all this.

“Not quite,” said Vlad. “Technically, you’re dead. Freeport declared all hands on deck of the prison ship drowned. So it’s more a matter of letting you stay dead.”

“Sure.” Kham shrugged. “That makes about as much sense as the rest of the laws in Freeport.” [MORE]


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