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Wednesday, September 2

Operation Bravo: Part 3 – The Thing in the Cellar

The root cellar was a recent construction; something dug in the last two years. It was a small ten foot by twelve foot room about twelve feet down in the ground, accessible through hand-made storm cellar doors and a series of slate steps. It appeared as if a great amount of effort went into constructing it.

Hammer flicked on his head lamp. Jim-Bean switched on a flashlight. They played the beams over the dirt floor.

It was completely empty except for a single long-toothed rake propped against a shored-up wall.

"Only one person has been down in the soft dirt of the cellar." Hammer pointed out footprints in the dirt.

"So?" asked Jim-Bean.

"I don't think Androzy ever stepped foot down here."

"Whoever those footprints belong to, he was really interested in raking the floor." The few footprints disrupted an otherwise perfect sea of carefully raked dirt; like a strange subterranean Zen garden.

Hammer pulled out a small utility tool from his pocket. "Start digging."

"What? Why?"

"You don't rake a root cellar unless you're covering something up," said Hammer. [MORE]


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