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Sunday, September 6

Operation Bravo: Part 7 – One Lousy Day

Hammer had no idea that the sudden drop in the culvert saved his life. When Hammer sputtered back to the surface, Jim-Bean was gone.

He spun around, Glocks out, hoping they would still work despite being soaked. "Jim-Bean? Jimmy?"

There was an odd barking screech, almost like that of an angry seagull, only louder and angrier. It echoed to Hammer's right. Then to his left.

When Hammer caught sight of a red-green head he didn't hesitate to fire. There was a screech, and something thrashed in the water. Then he was alone again in the inky blackness.

Hammer made his way over to the side of the culvert. If he could just get his back to the wall… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:22 AM

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