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Tuesday, September 29

Time and the Serpent: Part 1 – The Thing from the Gate

The citadel was constructed of pure obsidian and it reached two hundred feet into the reddish sky. It twisted like a gigantic serpent, looking as if it grew up from the dark plane. It was an ominous sight.

The only opening was at the base, approximately twenty feet high and ten feet across. The interior was shrouded in shadows.

Inside, the fortress was a vast complex of tunnels, passages, and rooms. The passages inside perpetually twisted and turned in seemingly random directions. All were completely cylindrical, like giant tubes.

"Did those worm things build this?"

Ssuthraa snorted. "The Chthoniansss? No, they have no need of sssuch ssstructuresss. They make their homesss deep within the Earth."

Ssuthraa led them through the tunnels.

"Where are we going?" asked Hammer.

"If you wisssh to leave here you will do asss I sssay."

"That's not an answer," muttered Hammer, but he continued to follow the serpent man for lack of any other options. more


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