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Wednesday, September 30

Time and the Serpent: Part 2 – The Wasteland

Hammer stepped out into a nightmare.

It was a destroyed city. Clouds swirled and thundered above. Sunlight barely filtered through, bathing the place in perpetual twilight. Wind tore at him, filled with debris. Hammer choked and ran over to the rusted hulk of a long-since abandoned car, covering his mouth.

Ssuthraa appeared, followed by Jim-Bean.

"Did it follow—" Hammer didn't get to finish because the allosaurus roared through the gate right behind them.

Jim-Bean kept running straight down the street.

"Loop back around!" shouted Hammer. His pistols were out, but they weren't going to help him much.

Jim-Bean ducked into a crumbling building. The allosaurus smashed its snout into the doorway, partially collapsing the façade of the building on it. Roaring in pain, it took a few steps back. Then it lowered its head and slammed into the building again. more


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:50 AM

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