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Saturday, October 3

Ocean Meets Sky: Part 1 – Black Hole

A vessel resembling an oblong sphere of seamless, shining metal jutted from the coral reef. A long gash marred the otherwise perfect exterior, allowing water and fish easy passage into the interior. Lengthwise along the equator of the huge ship, weapons and tools of all uses protruded from the hull, each near by a small porthole. The metal appeared unaffected by the water.

There was a jagged opening in the ship, one that obviously should not have been there. The explosion that brought the ship low left a gaping hole in its side. The edges were ragged and blackened, with strange conduits protruding from the mangled remains of the wall. They flashed with energy occasionally, all that was left of the magic that once powered the vessel.

Sebastian spread his wings and snapped his tail behind him, gliding like a manta ray in the ocean depths as if he had lived there all his live. Beldin wasn’t kidding, they had clearly practiced such a maneuver before.

Before Kham could get any closer to the ship, there was a rush of water around them. K’n-yan, their arms close to their sides, were launched downwards into the water as if they had been propelled by great force.

“Guess they know we’re here.” Kham reached for his pistols, then stopped. Firing the pistols would be impossible underwater. more


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