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Sunday, October 4

Ocean Meets Sky: Part 2 – Death’s Hold

The center of the ship was arranged like the spokes of a wheel, with each spoke containing eight doors off of the central hub opening onto eight identical rooms. On the other side could be seen sparks from the rent hull of the ship, the side that had penetrated the coral. Although the crew had died, their mission was a success…they had opened a path to the Moonsilver Orb.

“I don’t like this,” said Sebastian. “Too many doors and too far to swim.”

Beldin straddled the bottom of the tubular hallway. “I like it just fine. I can put my feet on the ground.”

They slowly made their way down the hallway.

“You do realize something’s going to jump out of those doors when we get about midway through,” said Kham.

Beldin hefted his axe, his beard floating in the gentle current. “Counting on it!” more


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