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Friday, October 9

Ocean Meets Sky: Part 4 – Shot Trap Loading Chamber

Beldin smashed open the rusted iron door at the top of a natural staircase. Beyond the door was a large cave with a wooden and iron rack built around the outside of the wall. Several k’n-yan moved about the room, lifting the large boulders from a pile and loading them onto the rack. The rack led to a circular pit in the center of the floor.

Kham drew his pistols. “Now we know who was running that trap.”

Beldin’s pent-up frustration was unleashed. The dwarf bellowed and waded into the thick of the bronze creatures, hacking and bashing. Kham fired a few shots, but it was more to give Beldin some breathing room until Sebastian could…

A blast of flames tore through the k’n-yan ranks. More beams of light sizzled towards them, but the k’n-yan’s resistance was token at best.

When it was all over, Kham kicked one of the bodies into the hole. He watched with satisfaction as it rolled over on itself and slid out of sight.

“Is it just me, or do the k’n-yan seem weaker than before?”

Sebastian nodded. “Like you and I, they have been cut off from their lord—“

“Stop calling him that. He’s not my lord.” more


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