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Monday, October 12

Ocean Meets the Sky: Part 6 – Riddle of the Wheel

The idol’s movement revealed a hidden passageway beyond. Kham stepped gingerly through the hallway, rattled from the encounter with the incarnation with Leviathan.

He heard a click.

“Guys, there might be a trap—“ was all he got out.

The walls slammed together, smashing into Beldin just behind him. The dwarf was saved only by his shield and armor. The force was so quick and so powerful that it left Beldin stunned. Sebastian shoved him forward as the walls retracted and reset.

“Sorry,” said Kham. “I’m not really the trapfinding type.”

Sebastian shot him a glare. “We noticed.” He fed a healing potion to Beldin. more


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:08 AM

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