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Tuesday, October 13

Ocean Meets Sky: Part 7 – The True Orb

The cavern floor was made of black volcanic sand and earth. Eighteen graves were marked with rusted cutlasses sticking from the ground, each with a dusty, wide-brimmed felt cap or rotted bandanna tied around its cup-shaped hilt. Beyond the eighteen graves was an underground portion of the river. A small island sat in the center of the water and rapids, with a series of six moldy stepping-stones that led to the island.

Upon the island was piled several treasure chests and broken sacks, spilling gems, jewelry and various coins, and a large glowing orb that sat atop the glittering booty. Jeweled cutlasses, rapiers in ivory scabbards, and finely crafted crossbows and bandoleers of daggers rounded out the tableau.

Kham and Sebastian exchanged glances. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Sebastian nodded.

Kham and Beldin collected up the cutlasses and hats. When they were done, Sebastian flapped his way over to the pile of treasure. Kham and Beldin hopped from stone to stone to reach him.

Above them, the sounds of ship-to-ship combat and massive magical cannonfire grew louder.

“Ready?” asked Kham.

“Ready,” said Sebastian.

Kham scooped up the orb. “Now!” more


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