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Friday, October 2

Ocean Meets Sky: Prologue

Coralis rose from the Pale Sea, a sun unto itself, like a grand cathedral to Yarris, god of the depths. Tall spires captured the light of the sun, transforming the dawn into a multitude of gems floating in the sky. Four towers reached from their watery foundations up to the heavens, appearing to be made of precious stones: emerald, sapphire, ruby, and topaz. The reef of coral below the towers was clearly visible through the crystal waters, extending out of sight in either direction, effectively blocking further passage.

Numerous islands, sporting foliage, emerged along the reef. Fires burned on several of the islands, hinting that all was not well. The ruins of four other towers confirmed that a massive battle had occurred recently.

The black fihali turned as one to face Beldin, Kham, and Sebastian.

“This is where we get off,” said Sebastian after a moment of interpreting the thought-symbols the alien fihali relayed only to him. “They showed me an image of a buried ship, approximately one hundred feet below the surface.”

“And we’re supposed to do what, exactly?” asked Beldin, dubious.

“The fihali ship was trying to penetrate the defenses of the k’n-yan. In the end, they rammed the ship into the coral, but they died in the ensuing explosion. We must make our way through that opening and find the Moonsilver Orb.”

“K’n-yan, huh?” asked Kham. “I don’t suppose they’ll be surprised to see us?”

The glass whale rocked from an explosion. It was a testament to fihali engineering that the ship only shuddered.

“Never mind,” said Kham. more


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