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Tuesday, October 20

Owlshead Mountain: Part 6 – Old Thomas

Old Thomas Waban was a full-blooded Pennacook Indian who grew up in and around the Townsend area. Nearing eighty, he still managed for himself, living in a shack in the divot between Clastonbury and Owlshead Mountain.

Thomas' shack was a three-room lodge that existed in the wooded depression. The path was too small for motor vehicles, forcing the agents to park by the roadside.

The path wound through the sweet-smelling forest of spruce, pine, and cedar trees for three-hundred yards before opening up into a small clearing. It was located next to a small freshwater stream in a beautiful grassy clearing rich in wildflowers.

The old American Indian was, perhaps surprisingly, splitting wood with an axe.

Hammer stepped out into the clearing, raising his badge. "Are You Thomas Waban?"

Thomas wiped his brow with a handkerchief in his pocket. "Yes. And you are with the government?"

"You could say that," said Jim-Bean with a smirk. more


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