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Tuesday, October 20

Owlshead Mountain: Part 7 – Introducing BLACK FLAG

Sprague's download of the BLACK FLAG team's profiles told the agents all they needed to know.

AGENT BREMMER: Team Leader, U.S. Army Captain, Ret. Joseph Bremmer was a veteran of Vietnam. In his picture, he wore fatigues and old beaten boots. He leaned on a huge machinegun. With his frosted white hair and lined face, Bremmer looked the part of a grizzled old soldier.

AGENT WALACH: Demolitions Expert, U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant, Ret. Oliver Walach was a small, conservative-looking man. His picture showed a long, dark cigarette dangling from his lips, the glowing ember at its tip just barely visible. A bandolier of grenades was slung across his chest.

AGENT PRESTON: Heavy Weapons Specialist, U.S. Marine Corps Private, Ret. A dangerous-looking man with a bitter glare beneath his cap, Luke Preston held a huge rocket launcher, balanced over one shoulder.

AGENT HULL: Tracker, Big Game Hunter. Arthur Hull was an Australian with the trademark hat, buckskin coat, and huge knife. He was responsible for creating a database on cryptozoology.

All of this flashed across their cistrons to the tune of the A-Team.

"Stop that," muttered Hammer.

Jim-Bean stopped whistling the tune. "Sorry, couldn't help it. These guys are real bad asses, huh?"

"They think they are, anyway," said Hammer. He pulled up to the burial mound. more


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