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Saturday, October 17

Owslhead Mountain: Part 3 – Interrogation

Hammer pointed to Archive. "Wake up the other one."

Archive waved smelling salts under the other agent.

The enemy agent shuddered awake. Realizing the gravity of his situation, the agent pursed his lips.

Archive rolled the prone agent's gurney over to the spotlight.

"Now you, you're not like Melvin here," said Hammer. "You're not some hired thug who got in way over his head. You're a pro, am I right?"

The man didn't even look at Melvin, whose muffled screams were audible in the dark.

"I thought so. This is what we know about you: your name is Jim Williams. You work for Dawn Biozyme. So now we want to know who your superiors are and what you know about Harold Gall."

"F*&k you," he said.

Hammer sighed. "I'm not surprised. You don't think we're serious. Jim-Bean? Show Mr. Williams that we're serious." more


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